At ChopBlock, there are no wasted layers. We build brands with precision, integrity and trust.

  • Research & Strategy

    Research & Strategy

    With a general interest in consumer behavior, we develop tactful and strategic solutions in virtually any business vertical. Coupling analytical research methods with smart integrated marketing tactics allows us to view the big picture while narrowing in on the smaller elements that bring your brand’s voice to life.  

  • Web Design & Development

    Web Design & Development

    The phrase “it can’t be done” does not exist in our language. Fielding unique design and functionality requests is not foreign to us. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends in user experience design. We’ve developed powerful sites that have paid for themselves ten times over in as little as one-week.

  • Print Campaigns

    Print Campaigns

    “Print is dead.” We disagree. What’s better than a handshake with a potential client coupled by a business card and powerful print piece? The existence of the digitized era does not mean that you need to shy away from an accompanying print campaign.

  • Integrated Marketing

    Integrated Marketing

    A communication strategy needs to be centered around the buying habits of your consumer. How do we identify what they are? Smart research. Employing tactics that yield ROI. Monitoring and measuring your campaign results. And fine-tuning your campaign based on the results of the research.

  • Product Packaging & Point-of-Purchase

    Product Packaging & Point-of-Purchase

    Consumers have options. Let’s admit – it’s a buyer’s market. It’s imperative that your product stands out. The package that sits on a shelf has a weaker impact if no one is attracted to the way it’s displayed. We create a home for your product that entices a consumer to interact with it.  

  • Why all the questions?

    Why all the questions?

    If you notice, there are a lot of questions in our areas of focus. We did this for a reason. Internally, we are always asking questions. Without doing so, we can’t provide the best solution. The most important question to ask yourself is “what’s my do-differently?” That’ll be the first question we ask you.

  • Our Work

  • “As a service provider primarily working in the industrial world, we had a difficult time finding a business partner that could successfully help us connect with our customers.  ChopBlock Collective was the answer.  We were impressed with their ability to dive in and learn our business and help us to find a modern yet simple way to connect with our customers.  The work ethic is amazing.  The product is pristine!  We are very satisfied with our partnership with ChopBlock and will definitely recommend them to anyone looking to add value to their organization.”

    - Ryan Cullins, Marketing Manager, MPW Industrial Services

  • “Being a private school in a large and predominantly public school marketplace, we needed a way to distinguish ourselves from the competition. The ChopBlock team immersed themselves in our community and helped us develop our brand in a visually stunning and accessible way for all prospective families. They successfully developed materials that capture the full depth and breadth of our diverse community in its entirety. They are a pleasure to work with and their patience and dedication to projects exceed our wildest expectations.”

    - Paul Muller, Director of Admissions, Regis Jesuit High School

  • “As a grassroots non-profit, we weren’t sure if we’d ever have the capacity to undergo a professional re-brand. But then ChopBlock Collective stepped in and did an outstanding job working with our team to produce a fantastic product. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our partnership and I would recommend their work to any colleagues of mine. Thank you for allowing us to tell our story and impact the lives of those we serve!”

    - Andrew Steele, Founder & Executive Director, BLOOM Africa

Our Clients

We’re proud of who we work with.